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Introduction to the Yokee™

Yokee™ is a unique combination coverall/safety harness designed for use at dangerous heights or confined spaces. The Yokee™ meets all OSHA & ANSI regulations. The unique design is comfortable and may be custom fit to the wearer. Since the harness is sewn to the inside of the garment it is protected from environmental elements such as ultra violet light, inclement weather, abrasives, water and more.

Safety Is First

Yokee™ is much more likely to be worn by people required to wear a harness. A bright Yellow safety strip is sewn into the garment to identify that the wearer is in a harness.

The harness can be sewn inside work jackets, fire coats, bib overalls, coveralls, vests, pants and more, which automatically position the harness for use. Yokee™ is not limited to one type of clothing, however, the harness can not be removed from the garment.

Increases Safety-Insures OSHA Compliance-Lowers Liability and Accident Claims-Saves Man Hours - Less Set Up Time-Increases Company Image with Your Logo on the Garment

Product Applications
Aircraft Maintenance Crews, Aircraft De-Icing Crews, Air Force Employees,
Architect / Building Inspectors, Bridge Inspectors, Maintenance Crews, Coast Guard Employees, Communication Tower Workers, Construction Workers, Crane Rail Workers, Dry Dock Employees, Excavating Teams, Firemen, Hunters, Iron Workers, Millwright Crews, Naval Employees, Radar Dish Installers, Rigging Crews, Roofers, Tree Trimmers, Window Cleaners,
And more...

The Numbers Don't Lie
Real cost savings for one man using a harness per-year, putting the harness on 2 times a day at 3 minutes each time.  Total hours spent per-year is 25 hours.  At an average pay scale of $20.00 per hour you realize a $500.00 annual savings per employee wearing a

Putting a harness on 3 times a day at 3 minutes each time. Total hours spent per-year is 37.5 hours.  At an average pay scale of $20.00 per hour you realize a $750.00 annual savings per employee wearing a




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